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We excel in sustainable material development and now extend our expertise to Tableware and Food packaging. Our customizable options include FSC™-certified paper, recycled paper, bamboo, cornstarch, bagasse, and compostable PLA plastic. These eco-friendly alternatives meet quality and functionality standards, allowing businesses to embrace sustainability without sacrificing operational requirements.


Bowls are essential in catering, serving salads, soups, rice, noodles, and desserts. Their curved shape presents food conveniently. Caterers customize size, shape, and printing for branding. Sustainable options include biodegradable/compostable materials, recycled paper, and bamboo, reflecting eco-consciousness in the industry.


Food boxes, commonly known as Food containers are vital for catering, enabling packaging and delivery. Customizable in size, shape, and printing, they preserve and transport food conveniently. Caterers emphasize sustainability, offering eco-friendly options like biodegradable/compostable materials, recycled paperboard, and sustainable alternatives, aligning with environmental concerns.


Mainetti's wooden/bamboo cutlery is sustainable, safe, and hygienic. Crafted from renewable resources, it's made of FSC™-certified wood/bamboo, and eliminating plastic packaging. Prioritize sustainability and reduce plastic waste with our eco-friendly cutlery options for confident meal service.


Customizable plates offer caterers the flexibility to match dish presentations. Personalized printing adds branding and designs. Sustainability is prioritized with biodegradable/compostable options, recycled materials, and bamboo. Plates provide convenient and appealing individual portion service.


Customizable trays serve as platforms for transporting and presenting multiple food items. Sizes and shapes can be tailored for different arrangements. Personalized printing adds branding. Sustainability is emphasized with biodegradable/compostable options, recycled materials, and bamboo. Trays offer practicality and efficiency for food transportation and display.


Mainetti offers a range of hot and cold beverage cups. Our cups are made from FSC™ -certified paperboard, ensuring sustainability. With high-quality printing and customizable options, they provide an ideal serving experience. Pair with lids for convenient on-the-go use. Our cups prioritize sustainability, functionality, and drink protection.


A cup lid instantly makes a cup portable, allowing you to carry your cup without worrying about spills. Some lids also provide additional customization options such as straw holes or drink spouts. They can contribute to sustainability by reducing single-use plastic waste. Overall, a well-designed cup lid ensures convenience, cleanliness, and prolonged enjoyment of your beverages.


Choose from our eco-friendly straw alternatives: reusable and biodegradable bamboo, responsibly-sourced paper coated with food-grade wax, and compostable plant-based bioplastics like PLA. Customize size, shape, and packaging printing. Enjoy spill-free drinking with our enhanced design for a seamless experience.