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Mainetti provides a safe, ethical, and healthy work environment for employees, with equal opportunity and world-class training. The company also strives to have a positive effect in the communities in which we operate. Mainetti believes that it plays an important role in inspiring change and providing hope to those who need it most. Whether it’s improving local communities, fostering education, or supporting environmental initiatives, Mainetti’s commitment to corporate social responsibility reflects its belief in business as a force for good.


Mainetti’s commitment to social responsibility extends beyond the boundaries of our offices, reaching out to communities in need around the world. Whether it’s cleaning up natural areas like parks and beaches or providing relief in times of disaster, our dedication to making a positive impact remains the same. A recent example of our team uniting for a global cause was a company-wide initiative to support victims of the devastating earthquake in Türkiye and Syria. Our global team came together and donated $70,000 (USD) to support the efforts of UNICEF. In doing so, we provided much-needed relief to our colleagues and their families in Türkiye, reinforcing our commitment to stand together in times of crisis.


For six decades, the focus of Mainetti’s corporate social responsibility efforts has been to improve the living conditions of its employees and their communities by giving back to the places that have given so much to Mainetti. These philanthropic efforts reflect the diversity of the communities we serve and include a wide range of sponsorship and volunteer activities. Mainetti employees support hospitals, food banks, orphanages, schools and charitable foundations in their local communities, and work together company-wide to support global organizations in times of need.


Mainetti believes that the company can make a positive impact for children in our communities. Each year, throughout the world we organize special events to support kids in challenging circumstances. Through these initiatives, we strive to create a brighter future for children facing adversity, empowering them to dream big and reach their full potential. Mainetti believes it is our responsibility to do what we can to help educate and improve the lives of children. Together, we can create a world where every child feels cherished, supported, and inspired.


At Mainetti, we understand that corporate social responsibility extends beyond business endeavors. It encompasses our responsibility to support those in need, to uplift communities and do our part to address environmental challenges. Mainetti is working with leading organizations like the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to promote circularity in retail and move the Fashion Industry forward. Employees are also planting trees in our Global Forest to support reforestation projects around the world. Mainetti strives to make a difference locally and globally to counter the effects of climate change.


The following are a selection of the many organizations around the world that Mainetti has partnered with and supported through its Corporate Social Responsibility efforts:

• Al-Farid Orphanage
• Amar Down Association
• Amparando
• Association TOFD
• Backpacks for Success
• Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation
• Center for Hope & Safety
• Centre Communataire Hochelaga
• Decathlon for “World Clean-up Day”
• Doddie’5 Ride
• Ermida Kastelo School
• Foundation Tomillo
• Gene Lester House
• Habitat for Humanity
• Heiyanthuduwa Raja Maha Viharaya
• Hoa Mai Orphanage
• House of Hahee
• La Nostra Famiglia
• Lawrence Charitable Trust
• Leergeld
• Notre Maison
• Participation in “Red Nose Day”
• Participation in the “520 Charity Run”
• Peizhi School
• Pertubuhan Kebajikan cheng En
• Ronald McDonald House
• Yoshida International School