We’re over halfway to achieving 100% renewable energy in our operations

As humans, we continue to have a disproportionate impact on the planet. The wasteful aspects of consumerism and our thirst for fossil fuels are leading to a continued rise in greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere. Conclusions drawn from reports on climate change are clear – we need to push ‘the fast forward button’ on our net zero efforts. To reach this goal we must reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by investing in clean energy.

人類一直在對地球造成不可挽回的影響。 消費主義的浪費和我們對化石燃料的渴望導致排放到大氣中的溫室氣體持續增加。 從有關氣候變化的報告中得出了明確結論–我們需要按下 “快進鍵”,致力實現 “零排放”。 為了實現這一目標,我們必須透過關注於清潔能源來減少溫室氣體排放。


Solar Power – The Time is Now  太陽能—時不我待
At Mainetti, we’ve been reducing our own carbon footprint and that of our clients. Last year we launched Full Circle, an initiative that defines how we operate and includes a plan to decarbonize our operations as well as promote the circular economy.

In fact, since 2014 we have adopted a phased approach to the installation of solar panels across several of our facilities worldwide, with the first solar panels installed at our facility in Castelgomberto, Italy.

As a result of solar panel installations, our facilities have the capacity to generate approximately 3,370.5 KW of power. Currently over half (63.4%) of the energy used by the group is renewable, reducing our CO2 emissions by approximately 6,487 tons per year. The aim is to increase this to 80% by 2025 and 100% by 2030. We are well on the way to achieving these objectives, as four of our facilities in India, Italy, Vietnam, and China are already using 100% renewable energy through a combination of power generated from our own solar panels or grid-sourced renewable electricity utilizing iREC and PPA energy attribute certificates.

萬美集團一直致力於減少公司以及客戶的碳足跡。 去年,我們啟動了 「Full Circle 」計劃,該計劃明確了我們的營方式,包括營去碳化計劃以及促進循環經濟的計劃。

事實上,自 2018 年以來,我們已採用分階段的方式在全球多個工廠安裝太陽能電池板,並在印度欽奈工廠安裝了首批太陽能電池板。

透過安裝太陽能電池板,我們的設施可支持約 3,370.5 千瓦的發電能力。 目前,集團使用的能源中有一半以上(63.4%)是可再生能源,每年可減少二氧化碳排放量約 6,487 噸。 我們的目標是到 2025 年將這一比例提高到 80%,到 2030 年提高到 100%。 我們在印度、義大利、越南和中國的四家工廠已經通過利用自身太陽能電池板發電結合利用 iREC 和 PPA 能源屬性證書從電網獲取可再生能源發電,實現了 100% 使用可再生能源。